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Where to complain about plumber or contractor if you live in Arkansas.

If you want to complain about your contractor, listed below are your major options. If you are not sure which option is best for you, read "Where is it best to complain".

1. Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board:
All residential building contractors and home improvement contractors (starting January 1, 2012) in Arkansas are required to have a valid license issued by the Contractors Licensing Board unless the cost of the work is less than $2,000. Licenses are valid for one year from the date of issuance.
You can find if your Arkansas contractor has a current license here.

To complain about building and remodeling contractor in Arkansas use this form. The complaints procedure is not intended to function as a dispute resolution process or a code enforcement process. A written response will be made to a Complainant when investigation is closed.

Electrical contractors:
Electricians in Arkansas are licensed by the Arkansas Board of Electrical Examiners. To find out if your electrician has a valid Arkansas license go here. To complain about electrician and HVAC contractor in Arkansas contact Electrical Board of the Labor Code Enforcement Division
10421 West Markham
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205
Phone: (501) 682-4548
Fax: (501) 682-1765

Plumbers and HVAC contractors are licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health. You can find if your plumber or HVAC contractor have had any disciplinary action taken against them by the State Committee of Plumbing Examiners and / or the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVACR) Board here. (without specifying the exact nature of the complaint, action taken, or status of the case).
To complain about plumber or HVAC contractor forward your complaint to:
Protective Health Codes
Arkansas Department of Health
4815 W. Markham St, Slot #24
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205-3867
Or by phone: 501-661-2642

2. The Arkansas Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.
You can also file complaints about plumbing, HVAC, and other contractors in Arkansas with the Arkansas Attorney General's office on-line or download this form.

3. Better Business Bureau:
Go to and enter your zip code. When your local BBB page appear click on the "FILE A COMPLAINT" link and follow directions.

4. Arkansas Small Claims Court:
You have five years to file your suit with Arkansas Small Claims Court if you have a written agreement or contract, or three years if your claim is based upon an oral agreement.
You can file a Small Claims lawsuit in the county in which the defendant lives or in the county where he performed a service. To start a Small Claims lawsuit, you must complete a Complaint and pay a filing fee of $10 to $30. Most municipal/district court clerks have Complaint forms available for you.

  1. Maximum monetary limit of claims: $5,000 (not including interest and court fees);
  2. Attorney: not allowed;
  3. Right to appeal: yes for both

You can find more information about Arkansas Small Claims Court procedures here.

5. On-line complaints.
We collect all sorts of customer reviews, complaints, and comments here.
To post your comment on Google find your contractor in Google maps, and click the “more info” link next to the name of your contractor. On the following page, scroll down to “Reviews by Google users” and click on “Rate and review” link on the left.
There are many other websites that let you post comments and complaints about your contractor. Below you may find just a few examples:
1) (registration required),

Return to "the State's plumbing and contractor licensing departments".

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