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Find a good plumber or contractor

To find a good contractor could be difficult. Joetheplumbernet was created to help the homeowners to find a reliable and reasonably priced plumber or other contractor. You can start by searching our free database of contractors. Click here to find a contractor by Zip or Area code.

You can also learn how to find a good contractor or plumber, what to look for when hiring a contractor, how to check his license, what questions to ask, and how to save money on your home improvement projects and repairs.
We collect information on the price of major home repairs and improvements. You may find this information in our contractor cost guide.
We will help you to understand what is the Angie's list, and what are the benefits of joining Angie's list.
how to find a good contractor or plumber,
how to check contractor license,
what is Angie's list
what are the benefits of joining Angie's list

How and where to complain about plumber or contractor

Even carefully chosen contractor could turn out to be unreliable or dishonest. If something like this happens you can send your complaint to us. Or you can learn where and how to complain, and how is best to complain in different situations.

Add your contractor to our database

If you know a good contractor in your city or town you can add him to our database by sending us your compliments or reviews. If you are a contractor you can also add yourself to our database. It's free.

This is the JoeThePlumber Medal. We will award this medal to anyjoetheplumber medal contractor for whom we received five independent complaints. If you see this medal next to a contractor in our database you would better try to avoid him!

Not sure if your plumber deserves this medal? Use our test to figure this out.

A toiletDo you know a really good contractor? Share with others!

Search our database for bad and not so bad contractors in your area! Or check the latest submissions to our database!

Learn how to find a decent plumber!

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