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Angie's List: To Join or Not To Join?

Why to sign up for the Angie's List.

1. You moved to a major metro area and bought an older house there. First week in, you got a leaky faucet, no light in the basement, and a toothache (just an example).
2. You want to completely remodel or renovate your house/condo.
3. You are not particularly handy but your house is not in need of frequent repairs.

Why you should not sign up for the Angie's List.

1. Your house is relatively new or was renovated recently. Most likely you will not need a contractor for the next 5-10 years.
2. You lived in your area for many years and know the local contractors better than Angie's list.
3. You live in a small town for which Angie's list have just a few contractors in their database.
4. You are on a tight budget. Angie's list members have annual household income of at least $100,000. These people usually care less about cost of service.
5. You need a plumber for your summer cabin in another State or you move frequently. Regular Angie's list membership includes only one limited area. (You can get access to the reviews in other area for an extra fee. Plus and premium levels of membership include nationwide access).
6. You have an emergency and need a plumber fast. It will take you extra time to sign up, read all the reviews, and compare all the plumbers. And time is what you don't have in emergency!

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