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Is your Plumber or Contractor bad?

You are not happy with your contractor or plumber. But you are not sure if he/she is really bad or just an average contractor.

We have a simple test that will help you figure this out. You need to answer to these two questions.

  1. Your contractor tries to make $250K this year?
  2. He has no license to do his business?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then your contractor/plumber is definitely bad and deserves the JoeThePlumber Medal! Go to this page and fill out our form!

We understand that it may not be easy to answer these questions about someone you don't know very well. Below are some hints that may be helpful.

How could you know if your plumber or electrician is trying to earn $250000? Use this simple math:

X= Y*8*300

(Y - is how much your contractor charged you for 1 hour of his work, 8 - is work hours per day, 300 - is work days per year, and X - is your plumber earnings per year) To be fair, you may want to subtract from Y a market price of parts installed.

If you did not ask your contractor about his/her license, here is another hint:

How good did he do his job?

If within a month that faucet was leaking again, then your plumber most likely does not have a license.

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