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Complaining to your State's plumbing and contractor licensing departments.

Complaining to the State's licensing departments could be the most effective way to complain about a contractor. You will hit him where it hurts: licensing departments may suspend or revoke his license - go after his license, if your state requires one. File a formal, written complaint with whatever agency licenses contractors in your state. It could be the home improvement commission, the board of contractors or the department of licensing and regulation.

Complaints within the Board's jurisdiction usually include the following:

  • Contractor failed to fulfill the terms of an agreement.
  • Construction or workmanship is poor.
  • Contractor abandoned contract or refused to perform.
  • Contractor failed to pay subcontractors/material suppliers.
  • Contractor violated building codes or failed to comply with safety or labor laws.
  • Contractor departed from project plans or specifications.
  • Contractor used false, misleading or deceptive advertising.

Typically, State licensing department does not have the authority to intervene in monetary or contractual disputes. So do not complain to licensing department if you were overcharged by your contractor, unless you can relate your complaint to the false, misleading, or deceptive advertising by contractor.

Click on your State below to find more information on contractor licensing requirements and on how to complain about your contractor.

In addition, we provide links to all the State Attorney General Consumer Protection units, which may or may not work together with their State licensing boards. In States that do not license contractors or where licensing boards do not work with customer complaints, State Attorney General might be your best option to complain about contractor.

You will also find information about your State Small Claims Court or similar option for suing contractor.

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