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Prices to unclog small drains

Check the table below when a smaller drain (such as sink or bathtub) is backing up in your house.
Information about prices is sorted based on location. Information about how much time plumber needed to unclog the drain is provided in the forth column.

Location Price paid Source* Time taken Notes**
Las Vegas, NV $59 advertisement
Salt Lake City, UT $540 customer 90 min bathtub
$300 customer
$99 advertisement sink
Reno, NV $55 advertisement
St. Louis, MO $200 customer 75 min 2 drains
Kansas City, MO $280 customer kitchen sink
$150 customer basement drain
Des Moines, IA $79 customer 30 min shower drain
Minneapolis, MN $95 advertisement
Milwaukee, WI $214.97 customer kitchen sink
$72 advertisement lines 1.5" and smaller
Green Bay, WI $100 customer
Chicago, IL $185 customer unclog 2 toilets
$456 customer floor drain, 2 men
$375 customer unclog toilet, 2 men
$149 customer 2 min clear toilet drain
Indianapolis, IN $183 customer kitchen drain - basement clean outs
Fort Wayne, IN $90 customer kitchen drain
Dearborn Heights, MI $291 customer kitchen drain
Cincinnati, OH $89 customer tub drain, no snake used
* source of information: "customer" - reported by customer, "advertisement" - advertisement published by plumber or plumbing company.
** notes: all the other relevant information (if any).

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