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Prices to replace toilet

Price of a new toilet in a hardware store could be as low as $70-90. High-end models may cost $200 and more. Average cost of a basic toilet installation is in the range of $100 to $300 (labor only). Big hardware stores frequently offer reasonably priced installation services.

Someone on a budget can have his/her toilet replaced for about $200. This cost may go up dramatically if any repairs or adjustments to existing plumbing are needed. Thus, replacing a toilet flange can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of toilet replacement. Also, you will have to pay more if you need your toilet installed fast, or on weekends, or after regular business hours. Other additional costs may include wax ring, water supply lines/connectors, bolts and so on.
Below you can see how much others paid for replacing the toilet.

Location Price paid Source* Time taken Notes**
Las Vegas, NV $500 customer
$255 advertisement toilet included
Baton Rouge, LA $800 customer premium brand
$560 customer premium brand
Kansas City, MO $235 advertisement toilet ($115) included
Chicago, IL $175 - $225 customer quotes
Dayton, OH $225 advertisement toilet ($95) included
Louisville, KY $299 advertisement
Atlanta, GA $250 advertisement Mansfield 1.6 Gallon
Jacksonville, FL $85 customer labor only
Orlando, FL $170 advertisement labor only
$280 customer labor only
Charlotte, NC $235 advertisement toilet included
Louisville, KY $299 advertisement
* source of information: "customer" - reported by customer, "advertisement" - advertisement published by plumber or plumbing company.
** notes: all the other relevant information (if any).

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