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Prices to unclog main drain

The table below shows the price to clear residential main sewer line. First column indicates the city and the state, for which that price was reported. Third column indicates the source of information: either customer or plumbing company advertisement. Fourth column shows (where available) how much time it took plumber to unclog that drain. And finally, all the other relevant information is provided in the last column.

Location Price paid Source Time taken Notes
Las Vegas, NV $150 customer
$139.50 customer
$169 advertisement
Salt Lake City, UT $276 customer 20 min
Reno, NV $80 advertisement
$130 advertisement from roof
Omaha, NE $400 customer roots
$600 customer
Lincoln, NE $300 customer 45 min
Wichita, KS $375 customer
Oklahoma City, OK $135 customer
$181.67 customer 30 min roots
>$100 customer
Brandon, MS $140 customer
St. Louis, MO $388 customer
$701.20 customer
Brentwood, MO $224 customer
Kansas City, MO $150 customer
$79 advertisement +$10 fuel charge
$99 advertisement
Minneapolis, MN $800 customer
$230 customer
$139 advertisement up to 100 ft., up to 2 h
St Paul, MN $273 customer
$400 customer no clean out, removed toilet
$700 customer roots
Milwaukee, WI $285 customer price per hour
$168 customer
$96 advertisement add $50 for Lines Over 100'
Chicago, IL $99 advertisement
Fort Wayne, IN $500 customer
$231 customer 30 min
Detroit, MI $300 customer
Dearborn Heights, MI $239.95 customer 5 min
Columbus, OH $237 customer
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