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Prices to install water heater

The price of a water heater depends mostly on the capacity of the tank and warranty. Bigger water heater or water heater with longer warranty will cost you more. Premium brands also cost more.

Longer warranty does not necessarily mean a better quality water heater. Sometimes it's the same product with extended period of warranty service. And if you consider buying a water heater with extended warranty, make sure you know who is providing warranty service and how to obtain it. Warranties may not cover labor charges. This can make a warranty service pretty expensive. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure you understand what is covered by your new water heater's warranty and what's not.

Basic installation of a water heater could be as low as $100-150. Usually, there is an additional cost if adjustments to gas, water, or vent lines or a water supply valve are necessary. There could also be a local permit or inspection fee that vary based on where you live and can add up to $100 and more to the final price of your new water heater.

Unlike the majority of plumbing services, you can buy a water heater in a big appliance or hardware store, such as Sears, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. Many of these stores offer basic installation service, for which they usually contract with a local plumber. This plumber can pick up your new water heater from store, and haul away the old one. Most likely you will have to pay extra for some adjustments to water or gas lines, but even with these charges, hardware stores often (but not always) provide an attractive option for a cost-conscious customer. When looking for a replacement water heater, start with the stores and contact as many as possible - their installation costs may vary significantly and may change frequently.

There may be a local plumber or two who specialize in water heaters. Often, these plumbers have a good selection of water heaters at very competitive prices. Unfortunately, these plumbers usually have longer wait lists.

Actual prices for new water heater as reported by our visitors or advertised by plumbers

Location Price Source* Time taken Notes**
Las Vegas, NV $890 customer
$699 advertisement 40 gallon gas or electric
$750 advertisement 50 gallon
$725 advertisement 40 gallon gas or electric, +$100 for permit,
Salt Lake City, UT $1033 customer 40 gallon Bradford White
Omaha, NE $1400 customer
Wichita, KS $850 customer cheap gas water heater
Moore, OK $1423.9 customer price includes $627 labor
Kansas City, MO $799.5 + tax advertisement 6yr warranty gas water heater, basic installation (no adjustments to any lines)
Minneapolis, MN $1325 customer electric
St Paul, MN $2100 customer
Chicago, IL $525 advertisement 40 Gallon, Rheem
$600 advertisement 40 Gallon, Bradford White
$575 advertisement 50 Gallon, Rheem
$675 advertisement 50 Gallon, Bradford White
$1050 advertisement 75 Gallon, Rheem
$1200 advertisement 50 Gallon, Bradford White
Springfield, IL >$1000 customer
Indianapolis, IN $1239 customer +$89 inspection fee
Louisville, KY $599 advertisement
* source of information: "customer" - reported by customer, "advertisement" - advertisement published by plumber or plumbing company.
** notes: all the other relevant information (if any).

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