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What is next for Joe The Plumber?

The presidential campain is over. Senator Obama is getting ready to move into the White House. Senator McCain fought a good fight, as he always did, but lost. So he has returned to his job in the Senate. Even Sara Palin is back to her frosen Alaska. But where is Joe the Plumber?

Did Joe the Plumber return to fixing the toilets?

Not yet. And we don't believe that this will ever going to happen. Most likely he will be traveling the country talking about his "major role" in this election. May be he will write (publish is probably a better term) a book or two about McCain and Obama, taxes and "american dream" that he is protecting, or something else along these lines.

He will probably make his first $250K but will find a better use for this money than buying a plumbing business. But this is OK. We will not miss a plumber like this!

What is not clear now is how far up he will go. It's quite possible that some local boss from republican party will try to use this plumber again. After all, a prototypical "Joe Six Pack" always will come handy on a campain trail. But more intriguing is a possibility of Joe himself running for an office.

Do you think people will vote for him? Can he run for a major's office in his town? Or may be his state Senate? What about US Senate? Or even further up? Leave you comments here or talk about this in our blog!

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