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Joe The Plumber

"Joe the Plumber" is worried, "Joe the Plumber" is scared. Obama, as the next President of this country, will increase taxes on those who make more than $250000 a year.
Do you feel sorry for Joe? Do you think he should be spared high tax bracket? Senator McCain does. He announced that "yes, I feel your pain, Joe. I will not increase your taxes". What a relief! Joe the Plumbers celebrate and line up the voting station to cast their votes for  Mr. McCain. Are you ready to celebrate with Joes and vote for McCain? Before you answer this question lets take a closer look at "Joe the Plumber".

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Is he really "Joe the Plumber"?

This was a very complicated question at one point. After "Joe the Plumber" first came to attention as someone who asked Senator Obama about this candidate proposed tax plan many journalists tried to dig out as much as possible about Joe. What did they find?
First, "Joe the Plumber" is probably Joe, but this is not his first name.
Second, he is probably a plumber, but he does not have a plumbing license.

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