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Complaints and reviews of Village Plumbing and Home Services, Houston, TX

Record #: 1320
Date Entered: 2015-08-31
plumbing, HVAC
Location: Houston, TX 77005
Telephone: 713-526-1491

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Water Heater Replacement
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $3,167.20
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: We contracted Village Plumbing to replace our water heater. The installation was done improperly. They did not attach the exhaust/vent to the roof correctly. There was no condensation catcher on the vent and no permit to perform the work. We contacted Village Plumbing in an attempt to resolve the issue and were forced, due to lack of cooperation, to contact the Texas State Board Of Plumbing Examiners.

The TSBPE investigator that was assigned to our case was informed by the owner of Village Plumbing, Monica Ryan, that they had not performed any work at our residence.

I am posting this for your review in an effort to stop anyone from having to experience this kind of ordeal, WHICH IS STILL ONGOING. Please pay close attention to the text below as it contains a summation of findings and discussions which took place between the TSBPE investigator and Monica Ryan with Village Plumbing.


Summary of Respondent's Statements and Response to Complainant's Allegations:

Respondent and owner of company deny having knowledge of this installation.

I. Exhaust vent was installed in valley of roof with no flashing.
Answer: Denies company did work.

2. No condensation line was installed per manufactures instructions.
Answer: Denies company did work.

3. No permit or inspection was ever obtained or performed.
Answer: Denies company did work.

Investigator's Finding Of Facts:

Was a permit required? Yes

If yes, was a permit obtained? No

If yes provide date permit was obtained: 0/0/00

Did the permitted work pass inspection'? Never Inspected

Did the respondent complete the work contracted for? No, no permit, improper installation.

If work not corrected or completed by Respondent, by whom? Not Corrected.

Was there a violation/s? Yes, No permit issued. Evading responsibility to client.

Additional Investigator Comments Incuded:

• No permit was ever applied for or received for this installation.

• City of Houston stated Village Plumbing has multiple permits open from 2004 that they never called for inspection.

• Monica Ryan owner of Village Plumbing was very knowledgeable of this job when I first contacted her. Interesting now she has no record of this installation.

• Respondent has had previous violations within the last time period.

The investigator originally spoke with Ms Ryan from Village Plumbing and she stated she thought this homeowner was selling her house and just wanted to make more money. Therefore based on past conversations and to the response received previously from the plumber denying knowledge of job the Investigator recommended an Administrative Penalty.


In closing, I should inform you that the City Of Houston advised me very strongly to get the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners involved as they have seen other violations pertaining to work involving Village Plumbing. An Administrative Penalty for Non-Compliance was assessed and a fine was issued. I hope all of you find this information helpful moving forward when determining who you will use and put your trust in for plumbing work.
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