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Complaints and reviews of Stanley Stewart, Double "S" Construction, TX

Record #: 1272
Date Entered: 2014-06-20
Construction, painting
Location: TX 77356
Telephone: 936-718-0710

Customer Review #1:

Job description: exterior house paint
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $4400
Was the charge fair? No
Comment: Stan had almost finished painting the house when he took his final draw. He used "Restore" a non skid paint product on the decks and steps, but it is bubbling up. He said he shouldn't have walked on it when it was wet and it rained right away. Now he will not answer his phone, texts or emails. He rips off women and vets

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Customer Review #2:

Job description: Painted exterior of house
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged?
Was the charge fair? No
Comment: I live in Bentwater and Stan did not finish the paint job and brick enhancement on our house. He sneakily packed up his paint equipment when I thought he was actually outside painting.
He was working on our house also when the Mississippi incident happened.
I really thought as a young man he had a lot of potential with building a successful business, but not the way he would tell us he would be coming to paint on a certain day, then not show up without letting us know.
It's been a few weeks now that he won't answer my text messages either. It's a shame he didn't finish it because my husband wanted to give him a hefty bonus once the job was finally finished because he likes to help young men who are trying to build a business. He had wanted to tell Stan there would be a bonus for him once the job was complete, but I wanted to surprise Stan and see him do a good job without knowing there would be a bonus at the end.
He seems like a really good guy at heart, just can't be trusted with following through and keeping his word--one of the most necessary attributes of a good man!

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