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Complaints and reviews of Kevin Seidl / S&H Construction, Omaha, NE

Record #: 1288
Date Entered: 2014-12-26
remodeling and construction
Location: Omaha, NE 68127
Telephone: 402-990-5520

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Bath Remodel
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $15,000
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: Remodeling services were sub-par after repeated requests to bring the work up to a reasonable level of quality.
This complaint concerns S&H Construction, 5843 S. 191st Ave, Omaha NE, 68135 (Kevin Seidl). Total cost of the bathroom remodel was $21,000. We purchased ~$6K in cabinets ourselves so we owed Mr. Seidl $15,050 (Invoice #14165) which has been paid.
We were quoted that our master bedroom bathroom remodel would take 5-6 weeks which ended up taking 4 months. The problems we encountered are almost too numerous to list. They laid tile on the floor using spacers, yet all the grout lines have different width (and the grout was crumbling in-between the tiles in under a month and had to be fixed). We asked them to save the toilet for re-use, yet they threw it away. We purchased cabinets with different sized "pulls" for the doors and they installed small pulls where the big pulls were supposed to go thus ruining the doors for the larger pulls unless we paid for new cabinet doors. We had all new drywall installed and they left a very large "tape line" on the wall which we brought to Mr. Seidl's attention. He had it repaired and repainted...which looked as bad as the original tape line...his reply to our frustration was "I repaired and repainted is good with it". Are you kidding me? He finally repaired it a third time which was better, but still not what I would call "professional". We had a glass tile accent line installed in the shower where several of the glass tiles were broken at the time of install, yet they were INSTALLED ANYWAY. We addressed the issue with Mr. Seidl and were told if he repaired them he might do additional damage so once again we are forced to "live with it". There was a wall socket installed which had a 30 degree gap from the wall which I asked to be corrected and was told "it was good enough and he'd just fix it with caulk". Since when does the contractor tell the customer their shoddy work was "good enough" and still expect to be paid? I originally requested a transition piece between the tile and the carpeting leading to the bedroom which I was told would be accomplished. Later, when no transition piece was installed I again asked about it and was told he normally didn't install transition pieces I pointed out the jagged edge of the tile he installed met the carpet and something needed to be done. Mr. Seidl proceeded to install a cheap piece of metal (which was bent)as acceptable. He finally replaced it with a piece of wood. I also told Mr. Seidl we were remodeling the bathroom in order to sell the house otherwise we might have gone with more expensive materials. As such, with every repair pointed out to Mr. Seidl he'd reply "well you are just remodeling to sell...isn't it good enough?" I have most, if not all, of these comments documented in emails. We can't sell the house if the work looks like my teenager performed the work. We are extremely dissatisfied with the work performed. We aren't perfectionists and overlooked many other imperfections just to get S&H Construction out of our home. We are considering hiring a new contractor to correct the work Mr. Seidl was incapable of performing originally and then unable to correct.

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