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Complaints and reviews of Timothy R. Tule, Lock Haven, PA

Record #: 1275
Date Entered: 2014-09-08, 2015-07-01
Location: Lock Haven, PA 17745
Telephone: 570-660-0035

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Roofer
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $2000
Was the charge fair? No
Comment: Paid Tim 2000.00 to start roof and 2000.00 more on completion. Days went by roof was started however everything was done incorrect. Tim offered to fix but there were so many mistakes where water would pour in that it would need completely torn off and redone Tim obviously did not know how to do what he claimed he could do. Tim said from the beginning that he had 25 year's experience. We are out 2000.00
and have nothing to show for it. It almost appears that Tim the so called roofer does this as a scam to extort monies with no intention of doing what was agreed on or deliberately makes many mistakes to avoid doing it altogether (theft by deception)
(Homeowners Please beware of Tim Tule) Lock Haven, Avis, Jersey shore PA area's After the very bad experience we looked up his record, very criminal minded, many incidence's
(spelling and grammar as submitted)

Customer Review #2:

Job description: Roofer
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $3000
Was the charge fair? No
Comment: 24Hrs after giving Tim $3000 for materials for a new roof. I phoned him and requested my money back saying that I had changed my mind he informed me that he had spent $2100 of my money on the materials for the project. He gave me the name of the metal shop owner from which he had purchased the roofing materials, I drove out to the metal shop and was informed that not only was the bill only $1400 he hadn't received any money. so again I contacted him and informed him that I was aware that he had lied to me and that I wanted my money back. I was at the police station filing a report as we spoke. at that time he told me that he would have my money for me the following day. The following day he gave me $2400 back. My question to him was if you didn't spend the money on materials for my project where was my money? After several attempts to get my money back from him and he promising to deliver it to the house, he would either not show up, not call me or he would tell me that it will be another day or another two days after such time he still would not show up and still would not call. finally 15 days after the fact, his girlfriend came in with another $300 saying that Tim would be there after work the following day. he never showed up never called I contacted him and he stated that he would have my money the following Saturday. Saturday came and went he would have my money for sure on Monday. Monday came and went he stated that he would be at my house by noon on Wednesday. that's today I contacted him this morning and he said it would be sometime today for sure this time I told him that I was going to the magistrate's office and filing a law suit. Every one in the Clinton and lycoming county's should beware of this fraudulent schemer.
(spelling and grammar as submitted)

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