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Plumbing Mart, Deerfield Beach, FL

Record #: 262
Date Entered: 2011-06-07
Plumbing, heating, AC
Location: Deerfield Beach, FL 33428
Telephone: 561-392-2410

Review #1:

Job description: Hot water heater unecessary replacement
Overall experience: Bad
Was the charge fair? Not fair
Comment: I had water under my water heater. Called Plumbing Mart and told them to come check for leak and only replace heater if they were sure that was the source of the leak. They replaced the heater. I came home to find just as much water under the new water heater. I called an A/C contractor, leak was detected coming from the A/C air handler and he flushed the system. No more water. My water heater didn't leak and Plumbing Mart replaced a perfectly good water heater.
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