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Complaints and reviews of Patrick Harris, Energy, IL

Record #: 1209
Date Entered: 2013-01-13
Location: Energy, IL 62933
Telephone: 618-214-7344

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Several jobs trought house
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $2050
Was the charge fair? Not Fair
Comment: I am the Grandson of the people that were taken by this person. Ida & James Bollinger of Energy, Illonois. My Grandfather had teriminal cancer and we needed to get the bathroon ready so Hospice could use it to get him cleaned up. Pat Harris did at one time work for H&IE plumbing but now they say he didn't but thats still suspect. My grandmother wrote a check for 2050 dollars to have 3 toilets done a sink, garbage disposal put in etc. This person put in the toilets then never came back. I've contacted everyone but these people do not honor anything. I have the check where he cashed it. Now they are saying they were never hired to do the job. Other employees of H&E are good people but Mike &I Pat Harris are scam & con-artists and took advantage of my Grandmother and Grandfather while he was dying. Unforgivable and stay clear from these two people. I have never in my life been so disgusted and ashamed of two people. I have received threats and the owner of H&E came and threatened my Grandmother. Horrible and no one seems to want to help. This is no different than if I waked into someones house and stole 2000 dollars from them. I would be in prison. Thanks you for listening to me rant....Please stay clear of these two Plumbers!!

(spelling and grammar as submitted)

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