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Complaints and reviews of Night And Day Inc, Fort Wayne, IN

Record #: 1312
Date Entered: 2015-07-24
Location: Ft. Wayne, IN 46825
Telephone: 260-482-2060

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Hot water heater
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged?
Was the charge fair? no
Comment: Called him on a Friday to get my warranty on my hot water tank which expires the day was installed which was August 29 09 so I only have a few weeks left said he call me that day or Saturday morning nothing called him Tuesday would get it back to me Thursday call again in the morning so they have it by 2 o'clock didn't realize I've been without hot water for 10 days even though the last two phone calls I told him pacifically that I've not had water for 10 days and I had this problem since June 16 seven weeks " oh but I can come out and clean it that take care of problems " already been done by another plumber and a new thermal cap Still won't work since I've been waiting on you and you still haven't produced Guess is first better business rerun bureau complaint doesn't take seven days to come up with paperwork unless you don't have it and knowing the person has not had water for 10 days there's no excuse and he's acting like it's my fault that I'm calling him three times in a week !
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