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Complaints and reviews of Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Ventura, CA

Record #: 1253
Date Entered: 2013-09-09
Location: Ventura, CA 93023
Telephone: 805-650-6650

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Dug hole, replaced 6inch portion of sewer pipe
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? Almost $3,000.00
Was the charge fair? Unfair
Comment: I am outraged at the business practices of this company! Had plumbing problem at newly-purchased home. Called Mr. Rooter because former owners used them several years prior and said job had lifetime warranty. Serviceman came out, dug a hole, replaced small portion of mainline pipe. He indicated the job was not covered by the warranty and needed far more extensive work... He called his supervisor to come and provide an estimate -- which amounted to almost $12,000!! This included almost $2,000 for the hole that had already been dug! I never would have agreed to paying $2,000 to dig a hole! I could easily have gotten friends to dig the hold for free. In my shock and panic over this scary, enormously expensive problem-- I let the supervisor convince me to provide personal information to see if I could qualify for the company-associated credit card, as a means to pay for the job. The credit company approved me for a $6,100 limit. This all occurred on a Saturday afternoon. The serviceman was ready to start the big portion of the job Sunday morning. When they left and I could gather my wits and absorb the big picture-- I called to cancel/postpone any work until I could get other opinions and bids. Within three days I cancelled Mr. Rooter altogether. (I ultimately had the job done for less than $3,000.) I knew I would still have to pay Mr. Rooter for replacing the small portion of pipe and conducting a videoscope. But I really resented that I wasn't informed of the horrendous cost before they did the work. They claimed to have done a hydroscrub too, which I strongly doubt, but had to pay for. I ended up having to pay Mr. Rooter $2,639.18. I berate myself now for not refusing to pay. But I did, and thought all was done with Mr. Rooter. Imagine my surprise when I received the plumbing credit card in the mail from GE Bank. I immediately cut it up and sent it back with a letter stating I only queried for qualification and did NOT apply, did NOT want the card, and had cancelled the job-- no services rendered. Next shock: today I received a credit card statement saying I owe $6,129!! This includes a $29 credit card activation fee! I surely felt swindled before-- having to pay $2,600 for something that shouldn't have cost more than $500. Now, I feel completely violated!! I am just beginning the process to dispute and remove this charge. I have no doubt it shall be a frustrating, stressful, and uphill struggle. Mr. Rooter is a flat-out thief!!!
***(This Mr. Rooter also uses 1514 S. Broadway, Santa Maria, CA, 93454 as business address)

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