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Complaints and reviews of Mr Handy Handyman services, Crittenden, KY

Record #: 1256
Date Entered: 2013-11-04
Location: Crittenden, KY 41018
Telephone: 513-473-1149

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Replace gutters and siding
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $1500
Was the charge fair? Unfair
Comment: He said that he wanted a small amount up front, which was fine, but then his truck broke down and he hurt his arm so he had used our money for those instead. He had re-wrote the contract so he wasn't in violation, but now he has not finished the work at all. He did the gutters and that was it, the siding on the back of the house has not been touched. He has taken our money for the materials, I have not heard from him for about a month. We have repeatedly left messages and txt messages asking for the materials or the money back and nothing has happened. Extremely bad experience.

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