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Complaints and reviews of Kean Remodeling Inc., Galion, OH

Record #: 1289
Date Entered: 2015-01-05
remodeling and construction
Location: Galion, OH 44827
Telephone: 419-462-5631

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Complete Bathroom
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $7,960.00
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: Est. was for $6,000/6,500 for a complete bathroom re-do. Estimate for material=$3,000, Labor=$3,200. My husband and I purchased 90 to 95% of the materials. We purchased the flooring, floor adhesive, tile, tile adhesive, tile grout, tile sealer, vanity, faucets, lighting, and ceiling fan. In my opinion that should have reduced our cost to Kean Rem.but I am sure he was way overestimating material costs to make more money.The job was to take 7 days but construction lasted 17 days.We had no way to bath during that time. He would come some days at 10am instead of 8. Most of those days they would leave early at 2pm and he had another job and did not come at all 2 of those days.They never cleaned at the end of their day. I had adhesive or grout drug from the upstairs bathroom through a bedroom, down the stairs all the way out the door. He left his garbage from lunch throughout my house. He would leave his empty Mc.D's cups in my window seals! He watched more tv than he did work. Now the sad part. He did not know how to grout. The grout work in my bathroom is disgusting! The tile are not even, he pieced uneven pieces into the corners. He let some of the grout dry on the stone tiles over night, said he didnt want to wash all the grout out, he had something special to clean it with the next day. Come the next day it was dry, he was trying to scrub it off with the grout sealer that I had purchased! He cut the vinyl flooring crooked but at least covered it up with the base boards. He cut the chair rail too short, told us we could piece it in. We told him at this point that we would paint the bathroom as I did not trust him. We did all the painting, that we also purchased. I had to have someone come fix the ceiling fan right away as it sounded like a 747 taking off and it made the lights blink. They took out the window in the bathroom, boarded it up but have not come back to put up siding. He guessed wrong when venting the ceiling fan and put a hole in the side of my house, above the boarded window, that !
he taped up from the outside with electrical tape,that is still there.I was so heart broke over this. This was supposed to be my one complete beautiful room! After 3 days on the job he asked my husband for money, my husband unfortunately, paid him the est. cost in full $6,000. Which is why I had to put up with this mess for so long, he was already paid, I needed him to finish. Upon completion he gave us a bill wanting an additional $1,960.00. The entire time he worked at our house he new $6,000 was our max, he also stated numerous times, that is well within the budget. Three days prior to him giving us the bill he stated, "there is plenty of money in the budget." There should have been, we bought most of the materials. Now he is trying to say he spent 1,810.00 in materials. There is no way!! I felt as if he owed me money! Now, my bathroom sink is already leaking and I am petrified to find out what is going on beneath the surface.He did not even put in an access panel to the shower.

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