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Complaints and reviews of Hometech Plumbing & Construction, Woonsocket, RI

Record #: 1462
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Date Entered: 2019-11-22
Location: Woonsocket, RI 02895
Telephone: 401-280-3168

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2019-11-22
tumb down

Job description: Put in small bathroom in my downstairs
Overall experience: no
How much were you charged? $4800
Was the charge fair? no
Comment: On Sept 29th 2019 I hired Ralph Desimone ..Homtech plumbing and Heating for 4,800 to make a bathroom downstair in my lower level 8x8 with shower toilet and used sink by remove the sink from upstairs. And replacing upstairs with a bigger vanity sink and mirror..He did show up the first few days first to get a deposit of 2,800 he said deposit was for supplies..he showed up with a 375 dollar shower and a 100 hundred dollar toilet I was not happy but he insured me it would be perfect ("because it was good as the person putting it in that will make it last for many many years") Ralph came 2 more days for about an hour with 2 young men with him they took measurments and planned where to put everything..He then said he needed more money so i gave him another 500 dollars..he came a few more times and had the 2 young guys do a few small things for about an hour...within the next day or 2 he asked me for more money to pay the 2 guys ...i stupidly did give him 650 dollars more.and with the other 1000 dollars he had me go bye the vanity for upstairs .very stupid of me because thats when he started to not show for 2-3 weeks i sent messages, e-mails, texts, and texts to his secretary..his secretary assured me he would be there next week But that didnt now all i have is a shower and a toilet ..he recieved all his money already so why show up!!! and its now November14th and I have a missing plumber.. Ralph DESIMONE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF A SENIOR CITIZEN. Today is November21 and i have crap (shit) backing up into the's so gross and he still wont answer my calls or texts !!!!

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