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Jaroslav Kresanic at J&A Windows Inc, Schaumburg, IL

Record #: 1203
Date Entered: 2012-09-20
Location: Schaumburg, IL 60641
Telephone: 773-505-0323

Review #1:

Job description: Window installation
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $1000
Was the charge fair? Not fair
Comment: 08/22/2012 I paid $1000 down-payment to Slavic contractor Jaroslav Kresanic and the rest was going to pay after the job. Windows installation was scheduled to be done 3 weeks ago but there was always something: broken car, flood on the job, he was very sick...he claimed he is working long hours so is not able to pick up my windows but I know he was home because he was constantly posting something on his Facebook, and 5 min after we talked he replied from computer on my Craigslist posts (I was already looking for someone else to do it and probably he didn't know it is me). I called Remodelers Supply Center company from Schaumburg where he ordered windows for me and they told he didn't pick up them yet and didn't paid them full. I am calling him almost everyday and he doesn't pick up the phone or lie to me he will be tomorrow and tomorrow. Once My girlfriend took day off because he promised he will come to do the job but he didn't show up. He didn't pick up my phones so my girlfriend called him and when he figured out who is calling, he turned on the TV loud to his cellphone! Window company said they can't give me those windows, he is the only person who can pick them up. I found another contractor to do it but he can't start without my windows or money. Beware!!!!
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