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Complaints and reviews of Toye Contracting, Rockton, IL

Record #: 1442
Date Entered: 2019-01-10
Location: Rockton, IL 61072
Telephone: 815-624-480

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2019-01-10
tumb down

Job description: roof replacement
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Comment: In May of 2018 we decided to use Toye contracting to replace our roof and repair damaged from a hail storm. We were told 3-6weeks for project completion. Work did not begin until almost the end of summer after numerous excuses. He never kept to a single timeline. Spouse has a serious illness and it was explained that home needed to be sold by November because spouse needed out of town medical treatment. When roof finally was worked on our entire front yard landscaping was smashed and ruined and our metal cover on chimney was broken. Owner Randy Toye was not able to obtain price equivalent replacement. And one of the bushes died within 12 days of him putting it in. Work was missed in order to be at home for Toye to have access to home to which he was a no call no show. Fall 2018 arrived with work and damage that he caused still not repaired and he did not answer calls or messages. farmers Insurance agent got involved to inform him he was way off deadline and needed to communicate. It was now October 2018, Toye Stated work would be completed immediately. We reminded Toye we needed to have home sold by November. Toye did not meet this time line again. Insurance agent called again on our behalf and told Toye they would never receive recommendations again from their office and to finish the work. We were told work would be done in a week. We are now in January 2019 and work is still not done. Up until a couple days ago Toye again, was avoiding answering calls and messages for over a month. This has affected access to prompt healthcare and made it so we cannot place our home on the market and be out in time. What was supposed to be a 6 week max project has not been completed in 8 months. Poor customer service. Dishonest about timelines, damage to property, avoids customer calls, no one shows up on days they are scheduled to. Has been a nightmare for our family to deal with this company.

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Job was done and finished, never payed the final bill. Sites like these are unfair to contractors because I never knew they existed and you get one side of the story. Everything was resolved...end of story

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