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Complaints and reviews of David Talkington, Indianapolis, IN

Record #: 1334
Date Entered: 2015-12-30
general contractor
Location: Indianapolis, IN 46218
Telephone: 317-938-7331

Customer Review #1:

Job description: David Talkington, theft and property damages
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $8500
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: I engaged Mr. David Talkington on September 15, 2015 to do construction repairs to a house that I purchased in , Indianapolis, IN. We had a written agreement outlining the changes to be made, for a turnkey all inclusive rehab for $10,550 to be completed within 5-6 weeks. Mr. Talkington had assured me that he was fully licensed, insured, and capable of doing to rehab.
I wired Mr. Talkington an agreed deposit of $4500 and on October 9th I wired him a second payment of $4000 with the remaining balance to be due upon final completion. I conveyed both in email and over the phone that timing was of the essence and the project needed to be completed on time.
Mr. Talkington also claimed that he was a property manager and could find a tenant. On November 29th, after claiming that the project was complete he had a tenant move into the house. He stole $1950 from the tenant in deposit and first month?s rent and told the tenant that the rent would be forwarded to me, however to date he has still not done so.
Later, I learned that Mr. Talkington had lied about almost everything and stolen from both myself and the tenant. In early December I was contacted by the tenant, who complained that Mr. Talkington was not near completing the rehab. Floors and walls were missing; the bathrooms had no vanities and had holes in the floor. In addition he had flooded the kitchen and ruined the floors and side trimming, and damaged the cabinets. For the next several weeks I urged Mr. Talkington to make good on his agreement, however he stopped returning my messages or calls.
On December 16th, Mr. Talkington emailed me to state that he had no intention of doing any more work. I immediately hired another contractor to finish the work, and was told by the contractor that he?s never seen a case so bad. There were plumbing leaks throughout the house in the walls. I?ve have an estimate of $4600 to repair the house; making the total damages $6550.
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