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Complaints and reviews of Steel Structures & Metal Roofing, Newville, AL

Record #: 1496
Date Entered: 2020-10-12
Location: Newville, AL 36353
Telephone: 334-701-2058

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2020-10-12
tumb down

Job description: Roofer
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $13,600
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: August 19, 2020

Joey, I have contacted you several times by phone, email and text message concerning the leak from the roof you installed several months ago. The leak is coming from the center fireplace outside wall where it was not sealed and another place at the top center roof. I sent pictures of the tarp and bucket I put down to catch the water in the attic. When it rained, water was pouring down the inside wall in one room and flooded another room. I panicked. I don’t know how long it had been leaking in the attic before it flooded because I only go up there for Christmas decorations. When I examined the attic, it had been leaking for awhile because black mold was surrounding the area. With the heavy rains we have had lately, the attic couldn’t hold the gallons of water leaked in so it flooded the downstairs. I informed you of the damage it was causing and didn’t want to loose the wall or ceilings it was damaging. On August 16th you responded stating you would try to be here Monday and would call. You have not contacted me. I tried getting in touch several more times. You finally responded today August 19th, with a text but it was not legible. I have done everything I know to do to get you to at least look at the damage. This letter is my last contact to you. You leave me no choice but to take legal action against you. You were paid in full for the roof even before you finished with the storage building. You stated you would bring the trim boards by as soon as they were cut. That was months ago.

UPDATE: August 22, a guy came by to fix leak and left. That night it rained and it flooded again.
August 24, Joey came by and added a sealer but didn’t fix the leak.
August 30th, videos sent to Joey of leak damages - Joey didn’t respond
Sept 16th, more videos sent to Joey of damages - Joey didn’t respond
Sept 17th, sent messages again - no response -

Sept 17th, messaged Joey stating I had no choice but turn it over to a lawyer and the court - Joey didn’t respond

October 6th, drone was flown over to discover instead of installing metal sheets, drains, and flashing, you pieced it with 4 pieces of white tin and installed it under instead Of on top. Rain water has flooded underneath causing major damage.

(spelling and grammar as submitted
*** Personally identifiable information removed (JTP

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