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Complaints and reviews of Southernmost Business, Ramrod Key, Fl

Record #: 1445
Date Entered: 2019-07-14
Building Contractor
Location: Ramrod Key, Fl 33042
Telephone: 305-926-3858

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2019-07-14
tumb down

Job description: Post-Irma remodel; new siding, windows, drywall repair, tankless water heater, mold remediation
Overall experience: I am completely dissatisfied as job performed was extremely poor quality, failed inspections, failure to pull permits, negligent and shoddy performance of all aspects of job. Breach of contract, and walked off job after being paid.
How much were you charged? $28,500.00 of the $35,000 contract.
Was the charge fair?
Comment: Southernmost and Josh Klastow are extremely unprofessional, untrustworthy, and deceitful, not the skilled tradesman they claim to be. I SUED Southernmost Building Group and I WON my case against him. The court agreed with my complaint against him and his company. I have yet to be paid the awarded amount of $32,500 so that I can rectify all of the problems he left at my home, which remains unfinished and compromised. Southernmost Building group continues to take on jobs in Monroe county, and will surely be ripping off more innocent customers. As a woman, I feel completely violated, taken advantage of, and will pursue Southernmost Building Group until justice is served.

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