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Complaints and reviews of S & K Reece Construction, Overland Park, KS

Record #: 1610
Date Entered: 2024-01-05
Location: Overland Park, KS 66283
Telephone: 913-251-0897

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2024-01-05

Job description: Build carport
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? 9250
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: I am writing to bring to your attention an urgent matter concerning the substandard and misleading practices employed by S&K Reese Construction. As a homeowner seeking to support local businesses, I entrusted S&K Reese Construction with the task of building a carport for my vehicles, only to be met with a series of distressing issues and blatant disregard for quality and integrity.

Despite my lack of construction expertise, I expected a standard of professionalism and quality from Johnny, the representative of S&K Reese Construction. However, from the onset, there was a glaring absence of communication regarding the specifications, design, or materials proposed for the construction. Instead of direct engagement, all communication had to filter through Kimberly, the wife of Sonny, the company's owner.

Upon completion of the project, it became alarmingly evident that corners had been cut, and the construction lacked fundamental quality. The materials used were of inferior quality, leading to a carport that not only fails in its functionality but also poses significant safety concerns.

Allow me to highlight some of the critical issues:

Structural Inadequacy: The carport, designed with six posts, renders it practically unusable as the posts obstruct the opening of car doors, defeating the purpose entirely.

Misleading Specifications: The entryway was intended to be 9 feet wide, but it was erroneously constructed at 8 feet, causing vehicles to barely fit through, risking damage to mirrors.

Substandard Roof Construction: The roof was built using interior wood instead of the specified exterior-treated wood, leading to rapid deterioration and compromising the carport's durability.

Incomplete Work: The roof lacks completion, with exposed boards and an absent ceiling, further exacerbating structural issues and compromising its usability and safety.

Poor Craftsmanship: The use of interior wood has caused significant popping and separation from the posts, and the brackets connecting the structure to the roof are visibly deteriorating.

Despite my attempts to address these concerns with S&K Reese Construction, they have blatantly refused to acknowledge or discuss the alarming discrepancies and structural issues. Furthermore, upon consulting another contractor, it was revealed that the quality of work delivered by S&K Reese Construction is shockingly disproportionate to the exorbitant price charged for the carport.

It is evident that S&K Reese Construction operates with a blatant disregard for delivering satisfactory workmanship and customer satisfaction. Their exploitative practices have resulted in a structurally compromised and unsafe carport, leaving me in a distressing situation as an inexperienced homeowner taken advantage of by unethical contractors.

I implore your immediate attention and assistance in rectifying this matter, as it not only impacts my safety and investment but also highlights the urgency of addressing exploitative practices within the construction industry.

(spelling and grammar as submitted
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