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Complaints and reviews of Rooter Town, Denver, CO

Record #: 1553
Date Entered: 2021-10-15
Location: Denver, CO 80207
Telephone: 303-586-2951

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2021-10-15

Job description: Plumber
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? 6,250
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: On October 1st, 2021 approximately around 10:30am my sewer line busted in my basement and flooded my basement. I wasn’t sure who to contact at first, but I searched the internet for plumbing and Rooter Town popped up. I decided to call them and spoke to a nice lady who sent out a guy named Jared. He came to my house and stated I will scope your line to see what’s going on and then follow up with a solution. Jared assured me this is a family owned business and that they are licensed bonded and insured. Jared was very convincing at the moment, so Jared went down into my basement for approximately 20min came up and explained my sewer line was cracked and it needed to be replaced. Me as a first time homeowner panicked and wasn’t sure what all needed to take place to have this fixed. Jared assured me everything will be okay. He then stated that he will get me a reasonable price at first and he quoted me $7,000, but then lowered it because I’m a health care worker. He could provide the service for $6,250. I was okay with that, but I explained I don’t have cash. He responded it’s okay we can finance it. So he went ahead and wrote up the estimate that stated:
• Spot repair on 4” main sewer line in front yard up to 10” long and up to 9” deep installing outside cleanouts then re-camering.
• Includes: Excavation, plumbers, labors, pipe, fitting, bedding backfill, compaction, cleanup haul away, any necessary permits as inspections.
• Excludes: Damages to any landscaping, concrete walkway, damages spenders’ sprinklers, line damage or replacement, utility conflict, any additional excavation
• Total paid to rooter town $6,250 Sewer Repair Includes $3,125 non-refundable Deposit.
He stated, he will have all of this fixed in a couple of hours. He made a couple of calls. The 811 company was on my property scanning the area before they dug up my yard. There where two apprentices and I’m assuming a plumber not sure… Jared was no were to be seen after he got the payment but everything was running smooth. Pipe was put in place and running smoothly and there was nothing backing up into my basement anymore. All is well and this was on a Friday. Never heard anything from Jared for the rest of the day. Saturday came and still nothing from Jared no phone call or anything. Sunday 10/03/2021 Jared comes approximately 2pm on my property without calling and notifying anyone he was coming. Thank goodness my husband was home to see what he was up too. Jared was outside my property video scoping. My husband approached him and asks “So how’s it looking and why he didn’t call.” His response was “Sorry about that, but here is what I found.” he proceeds to tell my husband that the pipe leading into the side walk out into the street is cracked and we need to fix that ASAP. My husband states “NO! we are not fixing anything. The water seems to be flowing smoothly and if it was a big deal after replacing the pipe it would have backed up again.” Jared then proceeds to say “well can I speak with your wife,” my husband says sure, but by this time it’s already 2:45 pm. Jared calls me and tells me “Reynelle I just did another scope of the rest of the pipe and it doesn’t not look too good. We need to fix it Now!” I panicked and stated what are you talking about? The water is fine and it has been flowing for the past two days. Things are running smooth, why are you insisting I repair it? He stated it will get worse in the next couple of days and that we have to do it now and it is going to cost me another $14,000 on top of the $6,250. They will need to dig up the street and closed the road for a day and have it replaced ASAP. I said I’m going to have another opinion, but I want the video you are stating the pipes are bad. He insisted he will replace it and do it now. I called my brother who lives in another state to talk with Jared and have him explain what is going on. When my brother called me back he stated it wasn’t nothing to worry about and this “Jared” guy saw you panic and was taking advantage of you. I was a little relieved there and got another plumber to come out to take a look. I also contacted the company and explained how Jared wouldn’t answer my text or calls. When I was asking for the plumber’s license and permits he never provided that information. I also wanted the before and after video scopes and he would not provide that either. Once I contacted the corporate office, Jared called me back immediately and asked what all I needed. I only got the after video and not the before video I did receive the permit and a license for a plumber. The e-mail stated please let us know if there is anything else I need which I replied with stating I would like the before video no response back I had 2 more plumbers look at the video and they stated nothing is wrong with the pipe leading to main drain and were Jared was stating I needed to replace that was the city responsibility’s. I cried my eyes out thinking I almost got scammed. I’m a mother of 3 boys and a girl with little income coming in to support our family. I thank the lord for not allowing this “Jared” guy to get away with it. I need to advise the community of this “Jared” guy who works for Rooter town who speaks highly of his family owned business, but tries to con low income family to spending money that they don’t have. He has to be ashamed of himself.
I think half of what was charge would be a fair price.
*** Personally identifiable information removed (JTP

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