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Complaints and reviews of Robinson, AKA, Singer Holding Corp, Portchester, NY

Record #: 1595
Date Entered: 2022-12-15
Location: Portchester, NY 10573
Telephone: 914-847-0216

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2022-12-15

Job description: Remodel to barndominium
Overall experience: no
How much were you charged? $37,780
Was the charge fair? no
Comment: COMPLAINT: WESTCHESTER COUNTY BOARD OF PLUMBING EXAMINERS AND COUNTY-WIDE PLUMBING LICENSE LAW Sec. 277.501. AGAINST: Robinson Oil, AKA, Singer Holding Corp., 1 Gateway Plaza, 4th fl., Portchester, NY 10573, should be held to account for the wrong it has done under the license issued by this Board.  

PROJECT: Move boiler location from middle of basement to right side of basement in mechanical room. Replace two (2) gas, floor standing, gas boilers and tank water heaters with two, gas, tankless, wall hung combi boilers: Bosch Singular 5200, Main house 1,656 sq. ft. plus basement 1,290 Sq. ft. equal 2,953 sq. ft. 
Bosch Singular 4,000 Apartment 1,104 sq. ft.
1. Robinson did not display its license on the proposal. 

1. Robinson failed to fulfill the terms of the agreement and has refused to complete the installation as per the agreement. 
2. Robison violated building codes. Seven months later we have no heat. There are two children ages 2 and 5 living in the house. I have tenants that are considering leaving because of no heat.
3. Robinson did not call for an inspection under permit # 2022-000238-ELEC.
4. Robinson did not call for an inspection under permit # 2022-00020-BOIL.  
5. Robinson departed from project plans and specifications when they installed two (2) Bosch Singular 5200 condensing boilers instead of one (1) Bosch Singular 4000 boiler and one (1) Bosch Singular 5200 boiler.
6. Construction or workmanship is poor. The connection to the temporary hot water heaters leaked and caused property damage.
7. Robinson failed to comply with safety laws. We are using space heaters. According to plumbing inspector the electrical cords for the temporary water heaters are dangerous.
8. Robinson used false misleading and deceptive means to intimidate me from filing a complaint. For example, they falsely claimed that I had an illegal oil to gas conversion. 
9. Robinson did not open a case with ConEdison to replace my boilers. 
10. Robison illegally turned off ConEdison’s meter and disconnected my boilers from ConEdison meter. 
11. Robinson did not connect the new boilers to ConEdison meter because the BTU/H of each meter is 250,000. The total BTU/H of model 5200 and the gas appliance in each unit is over the capacity of the meter. Robinson knew of the BTU problem in May and did not inform me of the problem. Instead,
12. Robinson attempted to rob me of $39,790 by abusing the trust I placed in them. They mailed me a bill, followed by an email falsely claiming that the installation of the boilers were completed and per the contract the balance of $39,790 was due. 
June 10, 2022, Robinson sent me an email stating, “This is a friendly reminder that as per our contract with you, the balance is due upon completion. The installation was completed on May 27, 2022. The balance due on your account is $19,895.00. We accept all major credit cards or check by phone payment. We would appreciate a telephone call at 914-847-0216, and I will take this information from you personally. I am available from 8:30 AM to 5:PM Monday thru Friday.”
June 13, 2022, I replied, “Hello I am very glad to hear from you. I was not sure who to contact when I discovered the leak. Please see the attached photos.
The installation is not completed. I have been waiting patiently for over two weeks for the installation to be completed. We are still connected to temporary hot water. June 6, 2022, I discovered that the temporary hot water connection was leaking. The water wicked up into the sheetrock and stud. I placed a bucket under the leak to prevent further water damage. Today the bucket is half full.”

(spelling and grammar as submitted
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