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Complaints and reviews of R A Young General Construction, Erie, PA

Record #: 1416
Date Entered: 2017-12-16
general contractor
Location: Erie, PA 16511
Telephone: 814-528-4089

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2017-12-16
tumb down

Job description: General Contractor
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $5500
Was the charge fair? fair
Comment: If I could give ZERO stars I would. I hired R.A Young in September to install a privacy fence. I paid him cash up front for a discounted price. I was told at the time I hired him that my fence would be installed by the end September. on Oct 4th after multiple attempts to get a response from this company I told them I wanted to Cancel. At that time I was told that material was on backorder but magically Lowes would have it at my house the next day. The wooden panels that showed up at the house were not what I was told the fence would look like, it had pointed tops and I was told that it would be dog ear style. They came out and measured where the fence would be and dug a couple of holes (which were not in the proper place per the markings, in Harborcreek you need to be 1 foot off the property line) I did not see or get an update again until Oct 12th when I again told them I was canceling. I was promised that that they would be there on Oct 13th and surprise! No one showed up. At that time I officially fired him and his crew. I told him I wanted a refund and to have his equipment picked up. On Oct 23rd I received a certified letter from RA Young stating they were charging us close to $1000 for the work performed...Work that was wrong, Not per our agreement etc. The letter stated I would receive my refund within 30 days.... it is now Dec 14th and I have never received my refund. I've been lied to, told the refund was processing, that Rich Young was taking care of it. Then i've been told for weeks now that Rich is in the hospital, during that time there has been activity on Thumbtack. He deleted his company on Thumbtack after I told him I've saved all of our conversations and would be filing a lawsuit. I have contacted him continuously since November 15th and I still have no refund. I'm not sure how on earth this company has 4.8 stars on this website... but please do your homework. At this point RA Young has stole $5500 from me and refuses to contact me and do the right thing by giving me back my mo!
ney. He breached our contract and because he was pissed off that I fired him after 6 weeks of run around from his side... he wants to hold our money ransom. After this fiasco I found an review on Angi's list for a similar situation and that person was told when they wanted him to fix mistakes made at their house that there was a medical issue and never got it resolved. I AM WAITING FOR RA YOUNG TO MAKE THIS RIGHT AND RETURN OUR MONEY. UNTIL THAT TIME, I CONSIDER THIS STEALING. BE A RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS OWNER, ADMIT YOUR FAULTS AND MAKE IT RIGHT. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY....hire someone who is honest and trustworthy, who stands behind their word and their business.

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