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Complaints and reviews of plumb line construction llc, Burlington, VT

Record #: 1434
Date Entered: 2018-07-05
Location: Burlington, VT 05408
Telephone: 802-535-8709

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2018-07-05
tumbs up

Job description: replaced roof
Overall experience: good
How much were you charged? $8775.00
Was the charge fair? fair
Comment: Last summer our condo association signed a contract with Steve Towsley of Plumb Line Construction to replace our roof. The work was completed in late September 2017 and we were happy with the results. While I was cleaning the gutters on June 18 of this year, I noticed that one of the end shingles was damaged.
When I contacted Steve about this his response was:
I did get your message today.  That must have been a real strong wind to lift that up! You could just weave in a new shingle into that spot, it looks like its only one shingle that’s blown up.  I got the shingles from Beacon in Williston, and they probably have the color in stock. (certainteed silver birch). And what I would do is run a bead of good roofing caulk under that shingle to make sure it gets a good seal and you should be good.
I believed his work was guaranteed for a year, but this was his response: Yes it looks like the warranty on the shingles covers wind blow off.  I don’t provide a labor warranty, but I could come and fix it for $400 (my minimum to go on the roof). Just let me know!
Steve was highly recommended by some of my neighbors for the quality of his efforts and his standing behind his work. Perhaps his response is common practice, but obviously I was very disappointed.
On a positive side, I was able to get a free replacement shingle from Beacon (who did stand by their product), and do the work myself without killing myself!!
I certainly would NOT recommend Steve Towsley for any work in the future.


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