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Complaints and reviews of Pickering Family Homes Inc., Kalispell, MT

Record #: 1368
Date Entered: 2016-12-15
Home Builder
Location: Kalispell, MT 59912, 59901
Telephone: 406-212-0951

Customer Review #1:

Job description: New home construction
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? We stopped payment
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: Ask for several recent references!! Very unprofessional and they way over promise and under deliver. We had to organize the subs after our finish date came and went a number of times. If you are not planning on being on site every day don't expect any thing to be moving forward. The bank ended up getting involved and the lawyers ( who had dealt with the pickerings before) advised not to pay any of the contractor fees. We have been contacted by three other clients who had the same problems. One brother (Chris or Jamie, and usually Jamie) screws things up to a boiling point and then the other brother comes in and acts like he is saving the day by doing a half ass job at finishing what was scheduled months before. By the end you just want to get rid of them so you settle for less than originally expected. CHECK RECENT REFERENCES!!! HAVE A FINISH DATE WRITTEN INTO THE CONTRACT!! STOP PAYING THEIR FEES IF THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB AND DO NOT HESITATE TO GET THE BANK INVOLVED.....BOTH GLACIER BANK AND FREEDOM BANK KNOW ABOUT THESE GUYS.

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Business Reply/Review #2:

tumb up for business reply

Job description: New Construction
Overall experience: good
Was the charge fair? fair
Comment: If you are interested in having a home built please contact us for accurate information! We have dozens of happy clients we can refer interested buyers to including current and past clients from this year and previous years. We have a fixed price contract and very detailed finish schedule so that you are charged to the penny what the contract price is and know what you are getting. We proceed as efficiently and quickly as possible on all projects, but there can be delays in Montana due to weather, and we do not have a finish date in our contracts and haven't for years, which is clearly discussed with each client prior to starting. We have NEVER worked with Freedom Bank and have a good working relationship currently with Glacier Bank. We strive to create a smooth building process and and if we ever have delays on a project there is a reason for it. We provide clients beautiful custom homes often at a great price and are happy to walk any interested party through numerous homes in all different price points! Please contact us if you are interested in building and make a determination for yourself!

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Customer Review #3:

tumbs up

Job description: Single Family Home
Overall experience: good
Was the charge fair? fair
Comment: We had our house built by the Pickering's just South of Foys lake. And we were extremely happy with their work, yes there were some delays but it was due to weather, not their fault there was a very heavy winter this year. They helped us with our plans from start to finish it even had suggestions to make our build better.

Their work was really really good and we were extremely happy with finish product. I would suggest them and use them again if we were to build another house.

Joseph L.

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