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Complaints and reviews of Patriot Global Enterprises LLC, Kingston, MA

Record #: 1430
Date Entered: 2018-05-23
construction and remodeling
Location: Kingston, MA 02364
Telephone: 781-336-7622

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2018-05-23
tumb down

Job description: General Contractor
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged?$66,151.02
Was the charge fair? fair
Comment: The contractor has not finished the job. We are still unable to wash our clothing in our home, nor use the dishwasher. We still have plywood as the counter tops in the kitchen. A number of attempts have been made to contact the owner all to no avail. We have numerous pictures of all of the unfinished work.

(spelling and grammar as submitted
*** Personally identifiable information removed (JTP

Customer Review #2:
Date Entered: 2021-06-26
tumb down

Job description: power wash, trim, paint, replace windows and a door
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? 26500
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: On March 18th of this year, my wife and I received a quote for a scope of work, followed by a contract to sign on March 22nd from Wayne Brown at Patriot Global.. I met with Wayne and reviewed the scope of work, which we did via email and text as well, explaining that timeframe of the completion of the scope of work was paramount. I signed the contract on March 28th. The contract had a completion timeline of 1 month. Starting on or about 3/26 and expected date of completion on or about 4/26.
The scope of work was as follows:
-Power wash entire house with commercial grade cleaner and rinse
-Prime and paint front face of house
-Scrape, prep and paint all exterior trim
-remove and replace existing family room door with Harvey atrium door and install pine interior and exterior trim for new door. Paint new trim
-Remove and replace 5 master bedroom windows. Install new interior and exterior trim -Prime and paint new interior trim for windows
-Remove and replace rear roof slope facing pool, Flash between roof and house -replace 3 exterior vent covers (2 bathroom and 1 dryer vent)
- Remove and replace cedar shingles above new atrium door and shingles damaged by woodpecker
-Existing Gutters to be removed for painting
The power washing didn’t start until April 23rd, and when finished, we were left with the mess of the mold, algae, cleaner, etc. which to this day is still baked into the screens, windows, and landscaping which we now need professionally cleaned. After that, we didn’t see Wayne Brown nor anyone from Patriot Global for weeks. We texted and emailed as politely and professionally as possible, receiving every excuse in the book .
By May 15th, nothing but the power washing had been completed. (Though I don’t really consider leaving the rubbish from the wash completing the job). I sent an email to Wayne Brown asking about the scheduling, as we are already 18 days over the initial estimated completion date. I received an email from Wayne the following day May 16th that they had found some trouble areas and were going to BEGIN the trim work, that the doors and windows were ordered “a few weeks ago” and they were told 5-6 weeks was the current expected wait time. On Monday, the team showed up and finally removed the gutters to begin the trim work. He stated the roofing material would be dropped off Wednesday May 19th. It never arrived.
On June 2nd, I emailed Wayne as I was losing patience with the duration of this job. My windows were still covered in mold, algae, and grime; the scaffolding still outside my kitchen windows for 2 months+; the cherry picker still in my driveway forcing us to park in the grass, which is now dead. I stated clearly, we needed to get this job completed and I now need a solid and firm estimate of the new completion date.
His response on the same day was just like the previous 10-15 emails, laden with excuses and no target date. The timeframe for the door and windows had now ballooned to 8-10 weeks, but he mentioned on another job he was doing, it took 12 weeks. I did get confirmation Patriot Global would begin painting the following week. On June 9th, things took a concerning turn. My wife spoke to Wayne and she continued to ask him why this job was taking so long, and why we seemingly have nothing done besides some trim and the uncleaned power wash. He was extremely unprofessional, stating she nor I have any idea what we are talking about, we have no experience in this industry, and this is just the way it is. I let them finish their call and emailed Wayne when I got to work. I simply stated the stress of having his team on and off our property for over 2 months was taking its toll on both of us and we have lost patience. In this correspondence, I now requested proof of the doors and windows being ordered, the pdf of the contract and the new scope of work due to additional “problem areas”, and what has been completed to date. With this information, I would decide if I should continue to retain Patriot Global’s services.
The response to this email from Wayne consisted of 941 words, most of which explained more about his personal life, his mother’s health, and that his wife had made us dumplings, than why the job is going on 75 days. He stated erroneously that most of the trim was completed and would be ready for paint and gutter replacement. He also confirmed that when he woke up at 4am, it was raining, so he canceled his team from coming to our job and to focus on an inside job. That day was 84 and sunny for the duration.
At this point I decided it was best to end this disaster and requested to have him cancel the window and door order, settle up for what was done and move on. I was told the windows and doors were not able to be canceled and that we will be required to pay for them, but he would remove the cost of installation if we were not retaining his services. At no time were we alerted the windows and doors were non-refundable. I stated that if he wouldn’t at least call and ask, I would do so.
While clearing out their tools, scaffolding, etc, they sawzalled my gutters, threw them in the junk truck and left, leaving me with no protection from the rain that followed, while I hired a new contractor to pick up the pieces.
Patriot Global, and Wayne Brown himself, are the definition of unreliable and unprofessional. We found hard seltzer in our garage refrigerator which when asked if it belonged to Wayne or his employees, Wayne denied and stated his workers don’t drink. He then later admitted it was his employee’s alcohol. They knowingly kept $16,000 on retainer, and only a miniscule portion of the job was poorly completed., This shows Patriot Global and Wayne Brown are predators taking people’s money and hoping they do not fight back.
We live in close proximity. Wayne assured me that since we do live so close, he would never put me in any awkward position as a friend, neighbor, nor contractor. Meanwhile, at the end of this debacle, Wayne made very insulting, demeaning and inappropriate comments about my wife in writing, which bothers her to this day.
I will fight to make this right for my family and have the support to do so. I worry about the people that do not have the resources that will be taken advantage of by Wayne Brown and Patriot Global. I would not recommend Wayne nor Patriot Global for any job. In fact, I would warn people to watch out for Wayne and Patriot Global. In my history, I have encountered many honest and reliable contractors. Wayne Brown and Patriot Global are the complete opposite of these descriptions. I write this as his neighbor. Who knows what he would be willing to do to someone he does not have to face every day?

(spelling and grammar as submitted
*** Personally identifiable information removed (JTP

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