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Complaints and reviews of Paradise Water Gardens of San Jose, CA

Record #: 1323
Date Entered: 2015-10-13
Location: San Jose, CA 95116
Telephone: 408-520-8960

Customer Review #1:

Job description: We hired them to repair a fountain in the front yard - replace lights and pump, add waterproofing seal, and paint the fountain
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $3167
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: On April 29, 2015, our handyman contacted Paradise Water Gardens to bid on a fountain repair project. We needed to replace the lights and pump, redo the waterproofing sealant, and repaint the fountain. They quoted us $3,167 to complete the project. It took until June 9, 2015 for them to actually start the project and it was not finished until July 8, 2015. Upon project completion, we immediately sent a check for the full amount of $3,167. At first, the project looked great, but within a week we started to notice that the sealant was peeling off and the pump was no longer functioning properly. He installed the wrong pump so there is not enough power to successfully operate the water feature. He cut off the electrical conditioning that would allow us to turn the fountain on and off. He failed to properly waterproof the fountain (and it now leaks). The paint he used on the fountain was NOT waterproof and has already begun to peel off - those pieces of paint cause the pump to clog. The project took over two months longer than promised. He was repeatedly late to scheduled appointments, often times not showing up at all and not calling. We would have to call him multiple times to remind him that he was scheduled to come to the home and there were times he still did not show up. We do not trust their workmanship or competence to come back on our property and do any more work on our fountain. We have had to hire another company to fix the issues with the fountain and will now have to pay over $4,100 to fix the problems they created. I have contacted Mauricio to give him the chance to make it right and refund the money paid to his company for this terrible service, and he refused. I have reported him to the Better Business Bureau AND the Contractor State License Board. I hope these actions will prevent this from happening to someone else!

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