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Complaints and reviews of Pachner Exteriors, Wheat Ridge, CO

Record #: 1390
Date Entered: 2017-05-17
roofing contractor
Location: Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Telephone: 720-467-6225

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2017-05-17
tumb down

Job description: Roof Installation
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $12,000
Was the charge fair? fair
Comment: Roof installed had the following installation issues (some of which are not even to code or industry standard). These issues caused continued leaking. We contacted the company numerous times about the issue, each time they came out and indicated they made adjustments but would comment that the leak was from faulty architecture and not from their roof installation. They provided a warranty for the roof but do not stand behind it. We are asking for the the cost to repair the damages caused over the last 2 years from the faulty roof they installed. Here are the 4 main installation errors that were found when the roof was pulled off to be replaced:
Pan flashings and step flashing was used at the dead valley but were not sealed or tied in to prevent water from getting behind these flashings.
4?x5" L flashing was installed over existing step flashing creating a situation where heavy rain or melting snow might flow down the side wall over the "L" flashing and back under the shingles creating a potential for water to reach the roofing deck and enter into the sidewall
2"x2" drip edge flashing was used instead of step flashing at the eave portion of this sidewall and continued up slope for approximately 6 feet. This is not only a completely incorrect flashing to be used for this application, but also created an inappropriate barrier to prevent water from getting to the sidewall. ? The kick out flashing was also inadequate in height and location.

The kick out was installed before the end trim on the side wall and did not direct water off the sidewall and into the gutter.

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