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Complaints and reviews of #1 Top Choice Remodeling, Fort Worth, TX

Record #: 1454
Date Entered: 2019-09-26
Location: Fort Worth, TX 76112
Telephone: 817-893-7696

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2019-09-26
tumb down

Job description: remodeling
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $1200.00
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: I called Donny. He first cancelled and then finally came on Thursday about 3pm. I received 3 estimates. Donny was the lowest. So I hired him. He requested half up front, The job was signed contract confirmed at $850.00 When he showed up on Friday to begin He was late and slow. 3 hours into the job the job was now $1200.00. My husband not knowing that he was a crock gave Donny the entire $1200.00 He never finished. So on Saturday when he return sleepy tired and hungover.. He needed $300.00 more dollars. I told him we didn't have any more money because our bid was $850.00. Donny and his disability helper would he literally treated like crap without putting in a shower sheetrock and wall and left with our $1200.00 and no shower. Dirt and mess everywhere. He even took supplies and parts he purchased with our $1200.00 back to the store for a refund. For about 3 hours he text I'm looking for parts for you. Finally at 5 pm he said he was sick and couldn't come back to Monday. Again we have no shower. With that being the only shower we were forced to hire new contractors.... Mexicans who finished our bathroom within 3 hours. Donny stole our trust money and parts. Then Donny was sick. He then text my husband late Sunday night to see if he could come over on Monday to finish the job. Once you steal from me YOURE DONE!!! He is a crock and don't let this man in your house. He will block your calls and when you let him know that you are serious began calling you bad names. I am going to seek a law suit to recover money time and part.

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