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Complaints and reviews of McGarity Home Improvement, Canton, Ga

Record #: 1443
Date Entered: 2019-05-10
home improvement
Location: Canton, Ga 30114
Telephone: 404-717-7228

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2019-05-10
tumb down

Job description: Removing and replacing polybutylene piping. New faucets for tub, vanity, shower.
Overall experience:
How much were you charged? $5,800
Was the charge fair?
Comment: Removing and replacing =polybutylene piping In my house. New faucets for tub, vanity, shower for bathroom remodel. (He didn't finish so my bathroom remodeler did.)

Jack said it was going to take 3 days. Took over 3 weeks. Many days he did not even show up or showed up after 3:00 or later. A few nights I went to bed after 10:00pm with him still there because I had to be up at 4:30 for work. I didn't want to send him away because I just wanted him to get done with the job. One of those late nights my son woke up at 2:30 am and saw his truck was still outside our home. He found Jack asleep on the floor of the storage room with a blow torch going. He was about 3 feet from the hot water heater. There were two major leaks while he was doing the job. A pipe came apart after he had installed it and left for the day. It flooded the kitchen. Fortunately I was home and able to turn off the water and clean it up be for my kitchen flooring was damaged. After he finished the job I had to have him come back 4 times for leaks. These occurred 1.2,4 weeks after the job completion The last one was 7 weeks after he completed the job. Two of these were under the sinks, one in the kitchen and one in new vanity (hooked up sink stopper incorrectly). I had gone 4 weeks without a leak when water started dripping from the ceiling in my family room. He came out Sunday night and said it was the drain and not to use the vanity. He said he would come fix it the next day. The next morning it was still leaking a lot. It wasn't the drain. He sent me a text and said he wasn't going to be able to come. This was Monday. I scheduled another plumber to come on Wednesday. On Tuesday the pipe running to the vanity came apart and flooded the bathroom. Fortunately someone was home to turn off the water and clean it up so even more damage wasn't done to my home.

I had two different plumbing companies to come inspect the work. Without me asking they both said how he entered the house from outside was not to code. The outside faucet he installed was not done correctly. They both said there were sure to be breaks if it got cold in the winter They both said he used the wrong glue on the pcvp pipe connections (purple). I hired a plumbing company to replace the repiping Jack had done. They finished in 8 hours. I have had no leaks. I don't except to get any reimbursement though I wouldn't mind some. I did not check his credentials or check references. He was recommended by neighbors on our subdivision FaceBook page. He said he had done repiping before. I am a widow approaching retirement and really could not afford to pay twice for the same job. Instead of $5,800 I paid a total of $11,800. I decided to cut my losses and redo the piping because of the potential for continued water damage and expense to repair it. Also to get some peace of mind. I was tired of having to check for leaks everyday. Now I can finally have the holes in the sheetrock cut for installing the pipes repaired. I would just like to help keep other people from going through what I have.

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