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Complaints and reviews of Maverick Home Maint & Imprv, Houston, TX

Record #: 1478
Date Entered: 2020-05-14
Location: Houston, TX 77449
Telephone: 832-507-0256

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2020-05-14
tumb down

Job description: Tub drain pipes leak
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $270+$180=$450
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: Juan Rodriguez came to fix a leak coming from a tub upstairs. Paid a total of $450 & thought he took care of the problem. Then it leaked again. Called & texted him to go see what happened. Took him a week later to reply. He said he had to remove the tub to fix the pipes on the other side. He wanted to charge me $75 for trip charge & will give a quote to tear up the tub to fix. I told him he had already charged me a total of $800 (he came to fix a drain pipe on another occasion & charged me $370 but it didn't look right) & he still want to bill me for trip charge?? He doesn't have warranty & didn't stand by his work. He did a 'band aid' type of work & charged excessively.

Customer update:
Date Entered:
I had a plumber from DR Handyman to assess the leak. He said there's no need to tear up the tiles & tub to fix the leak as mentioned by Juan. He said the previous plumber did a 'band-aid' type of work. I paid Dr Handyman $613 to totally stop the leak.

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