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Complaints and reviews of Kevin Gray/KG Concrete, MO

Record #: 1515
Date Entered: 2021-03-04
Location: MO 64746
Telephone: 816-284-6046

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2021-03-04
tumb down

Job description: Concrete/Drain Tile
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? 15,000
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: KG Concrete, owner Kevin Gray was hired on October 6,2020 for 2 projects at the property of 25400 S Lake Annette in Freeman, Mo. 2 projects, including 31x41 slab as well as a basement floor/ sub walls outside and drain tile. Kevin did not do the flooring in the basement correctly or the drain tile. Resulting in the basement flooding 3 separate time's. Kevin was negligent on installation. The flooring in the basement has MULIPLE cracks all over. Kevin cute the drain tile outside of our home and never hooked it back up nor did he correctly do the drain coming from the drain tile. He failed to cover the drainage, which backed up and was a result of flooding. There was supposed to be rock under the concrete for proper drainage and this was not done. The sub walls were also agreed to be as tall as the concrete on the home, this was also not done correctly. This project was projected to take 2 weeks to complete. It was not done until the Middle of January 2021. They destroyed our property and left I a mess (all documented with pictures) Another contractor came out to the property to assess the negligence. He said everything was installed wrong. The walls will buckle in no time because they were not put up right, and there should have been rock Under the concrete for the water to drain. He assessed the damage and replace to be around $12000 to $18000 to correct. Kevin Gray was paid in full by the end of this project with promises to come back out to fix and cover the drain he left exposed, but never did. I have contacted him multiple times and he has blocked us from contacting him. We have video footage of them working and doing things incorrectly , as well as them tearing up our property, leaving us with thousands of dollars of damage, mudholes and no grass. This is also pictured. WE are in our initial steps to try and resolve with, but if it not resolved, we will have no choice but to take legal action.

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