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Complaints and reviews of K D CONST INC. Auburn, WA

Record #: 1384
Date Entered: 2017-04-23
Location: Auburn, WA 98321
Telephone: 253-266-6760

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2017-04-23
tumb down

Job description: Construction
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $19653.00
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: D Const Inc. was given 2 months to return to the home to complete the needed repairs to the sheetrock in the room labeled bedroom/office in the front of the home. KD Const Inc. acknowledged responsibility during a walk-through of the home that additional sheetrock repairs were required in mid-January 2017. Expenses incurred for said repairs to be the sole responsibility of KD Const Inc.?s. KD Const Inc. was to return a few days later after the walk through to complete repairs discussed in the room labeled bedroom/office in the front of the home; however, I am disappointed that the remedial work repairs were not completed to industry standards (see attached photos) for specifics. KD Const Inc.?s customer service level was not meeting my expectations; therefore, I could no longer make my home available to KD Const Inc. for any additional supervised work. KD Const Inc. refuses to reimburse me for allowing the storage of Ken Douvier?s personal piano (voicemail message available upon request), in my garage without consent as I never agreed to let Ken Douvier or KD Const Inc. use my home or garage for their personal storage. I do not classify a piano as a tool used to complete the flooring, trim, and sheetrock repairs.

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