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Complaints and reviews of K&S Plumbing, Pelham, AL

Record #: 1420
Date Entered: 2018-03-01
Location: Pelham, AL 35124
Telephone: 877-251-3194

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2018-03-01
tumb down

Job description: Main Water Line Repair/Replace
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $0
Was the charge fair? no
Comment: My warranty company paid them to repair my main water line in January. I noticed standing water and called back and the warranty company had them come back. The 1st guy K&S sent dug up the spot and showed my roommate the water coming from the repair sleeve. He told my roommate that the galvanized line was brittle and repairing it was just putting a bandaid on it and we'd be calling in leaks every month. He called the warranty company and got authorization to replace the entire line and said someone else would be out the next week. When that person came out he told me that the spinner on the meter wasn't moving so we didn't have a leak, and it was good because they were running behind and they'd have been here until at least 7pm. I couldn't argue because I wasn't the one who saw the leak. When my roommate got back he was insistent that he'd seen it leaking and so the next morning we called K&S and talked to Danny. Danny came out and told us that the spinner wasn't moving, so we didn't have a leak. We were insistent that my roommate saw it and so did his first guy. Danny decided to demonstrate that the spinner would move if even a drop of water was running through the pipe and proceeded to demonstrate that the spinner didn't work because he ran a steady drip from the spigot and the spinner didn't move. He then said that the first guy should have just repaired it and never gotten approval for the entire line because he gets audited by the warranty company and when he bills them they will ask why they didn't just repair it and refuse to pay...this despite the fact that they'd already authorized it. We were insistent we wanted it done and he offered to repair the previous repair that was leaking, but we declined because the entire line needed replaced and it had already been authorized. I verified with the warranty company that it had been authorized and they said they had to wait for Danny to send them a status update. The warranty company then called and said that Danny said that their initial opinion that there was a leak was an error and there was no leak. This despite the fact that he never inspected the line and demonstrated that the spinner was faulty. I understand that the warranty company doesn't pay as much as a homeowner, but he should have just declined to do the job and not lie and screw me out of an authorized repair. Now I'm going to have to argue with the warranty company, and if I have to pay someone to come out and replace the line I'll be taking K&S to court since it's their fault the warranty company now thinks there is no leak.

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