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Complaints and reviews of James Carroll Home Improvement, Columbia, MD

Record #: 1441
Date Entered: 2018-09-30
Location: Columbia, MD 21044
Telephone: 888-352-7211

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2018-09-30
tumb down

Job description: Roof replacement and minor chimney sealing
Overall experience: 1 out of 10
How much were you charged? $25,500
Was the charge fair?
Comment: John Carroll came out to my Mother in Laws Home and completely ripped her off. He scared her with stories of Racoons in the house biting old women and then went on to claim moldy wood and other issues with her roof. He got her to sign a $14,500 contract to do all of this work and then did a poor job of just putting down shingles over her existing roof. No wood replaced as eluded too. Totally overcharged her. Next, he told he her chimney needed work and offered to fix it for $18,000. The whole chimney could be rebuilt for much less. When she told him she did not have the money he lowered the price to $11,000 since he was onsite and would do her a favor. He did around $500. Of work to the chimney and charged her $11,000. The work included spray painting some flashing to make it look clean and putting caulk (1-2 tubes) over some mortar joints. The whole $25,000 plus roofing job and chimney work took around 6 hours (the started late in the morning and finished by 2pm). One of the Carrols Son’s harassed the 89 year old widow in the house to sign the contract and sign completion forms right away. Even followed her into her bedroom uninvited. We followed up by hiring a professional certified Maryland roof inspector. Here is a quote from the first comment on the inspection report. “ It is clear from reading the contract that this contractor engages in predatory practices targeting the elderly and intentionally writes the scope of work to be vague. Using the term “as needed” often and charging high prices for shoddy work. The chimney is clearly and example of this. The contract is written in a way to intentionally prey on unknowing customers”. The report also highlighted some roofing not to code and many issues done poorly. Stay away and warn people not to use this crook. He puts flyers on peoples doors and hopes to rip-off unsuspecting people.

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