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Complaints and reviews of J & S Plumbing Inc. Elk Grove Village, IL

Record #: 1497
Date Entered: 2020-10-14
Location: Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60169
Telephone: 847-690-0384

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2020-10-14
tumb down

Job description: Leak in Kitchen Cabinet
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $450.00
Was the charge fair? no
Comment: I had a leak in my kitchen cabinet. J & S came out stated that it was from the hose in my faucet and that I needed a new faucet. I had them replace it. The leak .. same leak..same area continued they came back out and installed a new faucet I purchased and the same leak still continued. It ended up not being the faucet it was a gap between the sink and the counter. I have contacted them and asked for reimbursement for their charges and $200.00 for the new faucet I purchased. I received a call from Ed who said he would call me back and I have followed up with email and no call back and no response

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