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Complaints and reviews of Handyman and Associates, Kennesaw, GA

Record #: 1375
Date Entered: 2017-02-12
Location: Kennesaw, GA 30144
Telephone: 470-509-1522

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2017-02-12
tumb down

Job description: Pluming
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? 1300
Was the charge fair? fair
Comment: Hired company to replace main water line in front of home to fix a leak. When water meter was read, it indicated that I still had a leak in main line. Company keeps saying they will come out, but never show up. Now he's not responding to call or text messages.

(spelling and grammar as submitted)

Customer Review #2:
Date Entered: 2017-06-08
tumb down

Job description: Fencing, patios, decks, plumbing, siding, bath painter etc
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? 1000
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: His name is Kyle Thomas. He came and did an estimate and gave a contract for a pation floor. He requested 3/4 of the money to get supplied, he did up my back yard to lay cement and never completed the job. He threw the excess dirt scattered all over my back yard. He never cams back to finish the job after I tried making contact with him on numerous occasions in which he ignored all my calls. He did a horrible horrible job very bad service. He is a rip off.

(spelling and grammar as submitted)

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