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Complaints and reviews of Hall Construction, Tacoma, WA

Record #: 1575
Date Entered: 2022-06-15
Location: Tacoma, WA 98405
Telephone: 253-478-6786

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2022-06-15

Job description: Scrape popcorn ceilings throughout the house, skim coat over major imperfections and nicks, spray orange peel texture, paint ceilings, walls, doors, frames of doors and wall trim, put backsplash in kitchen, install laminate wood floor throughout the house.
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? 8,908.13
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: This person is putting ads on Facebook Marketplace as a licensed, bonded and insured contractor. We hired him because he said that he'd have a crew to work on our house and that it would be done in 2 weeks time and he said that the house would be liveable. We asked him to make sure that he cleaned up his mess daily, as we had someone still living in the house, even though all furniture had been removed for the project. He was to scrape the popcorn ceiling throughout the house, excluding the dining room, paint the entire inside of the house, including doors and trim, fix imperfections, install backsplash in the kitchen, install flooring throughout the house and clean up mess afterwords. This person did none of this. On May 14th, which was supposed to be the intended finish date, after giving him the 2nd payment, my husband contacted him, asking what the new completion date was supposed to be, he got angry and basically yelled at him, asking "what do you want from me and I'm confused on who's in charge." He had scraped the ceilings and painted the inside of the house all by himself, no crew, and spent 5 weeks doing so. Per the contract there were to be 3 payments made to him, the start money, payment after backsplash, interior popcorn scraping and painting done with a final once the job was finished. We paid him a sum at the beginning to start the project as agreed, then over 2 weeks in we went over some additional costs and paid him a 2nd sum of money to cover the cost of the backsplash install and labor, for him to come back and ask for more money for the backsplash and asking us to pay the flooring guy, as he didn't have enough money to pay him. We advised him that we'd already given him over $5600 and the backsplash wasn't done yet, which was part of the 2nd payment, and should have covered what he needed to pay the flooring guy he hired. When we told him that our contract was with him and not who he hired, he packed up his tools, told the flooring guy to go home without payment, took the lockbox & key to the front door of the house and demanded that we pay him more money to buy the backsplash or purchase it ourselves or he wasn't doing anymore work. Now the flooring guy is out money for the work he has done and the 5 week painting job is horrible and the house is still a mess. After the contractor left the house and in our inspection of the house, there was evidence of drinking on the premises and our son told us that one of the days he came up to inspect the work, the contractor offered him and his friend, shots of tequila. Which would explain why he would show up after 2pm to work on our house and stay until almost 11pm on some days. We made the mistake of not checking his credentials before hiring him. We're concerned that we're not the only ones that he's done this to so we're looking for any advise on making sure that he doesn't do this to anyone else and possibly getting some of our money back.
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