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Complaints and reviews of Jordan Fox, Hail Pro, llc, Burnsville, MN

Record #: 1543
Date Entered: 2021-09-06
Location: Burnsville, MN 55337
Telephone: 952-567-0676

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2021-09-06

Job description: complete roof & siding, gutters, 2 window , a/csets on home
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $59,+
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: Hail Pro walked & did not finish contracted items. demanding pymt for work done. Siding has not passed County inspection. Siding not finished. siding & roof leaking. Hail Pro has not honored contractor warranty. Hail Pro refuses to return to our home. Left 2 story downspouts hanging free & they hit the house & fell off in another storm. We Had to pay someone else to install gutters. Electrician did not re-install items on outside of home that he removed. Hail Pro had to order new replacement flashing, but then ordered crews to continue without it. Left 2 sets of windows & hopper window. will not install as contract states. Wants payment for windows. We have no idea if windows are correct. He Left out grills for windows. Stated our fault for approving window order. Later stated we measured our own windows and filled out window order while he was there. We would not do his job for him while he was right there. Needed flashing to cover top of brick at base of home, Hail Pro installed flashing that comes short of covering top of bricks. He states his work passed County inspection. No true. Yet he tried behind our back to close his County permit & cannot. Jordan Fox, Owner of Hail Pro states we barred them from property but does not state how we barred them. We & Jordan Fox made a agreement on hours 8-5 & no weekends. Crews were ordered to stay until 8 sometimes & showed up every weekend. States we abused crews. We do not even speak spanish. No one on site spoke English, but Jordan promised there would be an English speaking crewmember. Jordan Fox, owner would not communicate with us. Was told by Hail Pro they work for the insurance company, not the homeowner. Even when We give the funds. Asked them ahead of a storm to put downspouts back or protect from water getting into basement. Was told by foreman "we don't do that, it's not our problem". We had water damage in our basement that night. we tried to catch them before getting to much siding up to get the security & landlines back under siding, they stated we could not talk to Hail Pro, employees or subcontractors or they would "walk". So currently the lines are hanging outside/over the siding. Hail Pro stated they think the leak from unfinished siding was there before so it's not their problem. What? Fascia was broken from storm, leaving a hole, & Hail Pro did not finish repairing it, then stated it was there prior. What? What Hail Pro has done, is sent us mean, very mean letters with and without their attorney, accusing us of many things to distract from the real issues. Do not recommend this Contractor. We are looking for another contractor to finish the siding & repair code violations, the leaks & other bad or unfinished items.
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