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Complaints and reviews of Greenovative Homes, Lakeland, FL

Record #: 1284
Date Entered: 2014-11-03
home improvement, insulation
Location: Lakeland, FL 33823
Telephone: 863-559-3781

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Residential Insulation
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $7200.00
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: In November of 2013 I met with Paul White, President of Greenovative Homes, LLC. to have Greenstar Hyper-Insulation Panels installed in the attic of my home in Auburndale, Fl. One of the reasons I decided to go with Greenovative Homes, LLC was the repeated claims by staff that the insulation panels were so effective that I could see a 50% saving on my electric bill. The installation of the panels was completed in December of 2013 and the contract amount, $7,200 was paid in full.
Since the insulation panels were installed during the cool months of winter, it was impossible to determine their effectiveness. After the summer months of June, July, August and September of 2014 I made a comparison of the electrical costs from 2013 prior to the installation of the panels. This comparison clearly showed the product did not perform well in that I saw little to no reduction in electrical costs (see comparison below). If my calculations are correct, using the number on kWhs used and the cost per kWh, I saved approximately $10 over the four months. For this I paid $7,200!
I want to point out that electrical use in my home prior to the installation and up to the current time has remained the same. There is nothing new or different as far as electrical devices which would impact consumption. Obviously, the product did not work as represented by sales staff. In my opinion, the exaggerated claims made by staff were completely misleading and deceptive. I find it difficult to believe that this product results in lower electrical costs for others when it provided absolutely little to no savings in my case! Company President says that they only use historical data and make no promises. Well, during our first contact the salesman asked how much my electric bill was. I gave him a figure to which he divided the figure in half and calculated how long it would take for the panels to pay for themselves due to his 50% savings! If that?s not a promise I don?t know what is!
To resolve this issue, I requested Greenovative Homes, LLC refund the full cost of the contract in the sum of $7,200. This request was made via certified mail, return receipt requested which was delivered and signed for by the company President, Mr. Paul White on October 02, 2014. I indicated in the letter that I wanted a response within 15 days of the receipt of the letter before I requested assistance from other sources but have received no reply as to date.

TECO Electric Bills
2013/May-June ? kWh 1326=$154.39 2014/May-June ? kWh 1301=$160.14 +$5.75
2013/June-July ? kWh 1464=$171.52
2014/June-July ? kWh 1493=$184.49 +$12.97
2013/July-Aug ? kWh 1621=$190.99
2014/July-Aug ? kWh 1507=$186.27 -$4.71
2013/Aug-Sept ? kWh 1477=$173.13 2014/Aug-Sept ? kWh 1749=$182.71 +$9.58

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Business Reply
Date Entered:

Mr. Borah sent us a certified letter on 9/29/14 demanding a full refund for work performed a year earlier. He stated that if we didn't refund his money he would write every Government Agency and Consumer Organization he could possibly contact and bad mouth our company. This was because he didn't have a 50% reduction in his energy bills after installation of our product. The thing he failed to mentioned, is that he signed a contract that stated "we cannot guaranteed savings" because we have no control over the habits of the homeowner, climate patterns, additional energy use, etc. What he didn't state is that his attic temperatures were dramatically reduced in the summer months. That is what our product is intended to accomplish and we have seen that in 100% of the jobs we've completed.

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