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Complaints and reviews of Green Sun, Inc., Hamilton, VA

Record #: 1324
Date Entered: 2015-10-31
Location: Hamilton, VA 20158
Telephone: 703-327-7018

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Lawn Service
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $7842.78
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: I engaged Green Sun, Inc. to prepare my lawn for my new house. It included putting sod (it is implied that he would level the ground if it isn't or at least let me know that the ground is not graded properly), put lime and fertilizer. The contract had a 6 month warranty. He put the sod on 8/11 and I paid by credit card. The contractor didn't level and didn't put lime and fertilizer and didn't water the lawn and didn't provide instructions how to water the lawn etc. He was also very rude. Although, we watered the lawn, the grass died. The home inspector wrote in his report that the ground was not leveled. I shared the info with the contractor. He said he won't fix it without payment (contrary to warranty). This caused me much grief because I couldn't put the property in the market to sell and got negative reviews from who ever saw the property. It reduced my property value and I lost time to go to the market. I was considerate not to file a law suit against the contractor but I put a stop payment with CC. Meanwhile, I went through the contractor selection process to repair the lawn. All of them were surprised at the shoddy job the original contractor did. I hired one contractor and got the work done. It cost me about the same as I had paid the original contractor. I will never hire Green Sun and will never refer him to any body.
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