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Complaints and reviews of 4th Dimension Concepts, Aurora, CO

Record #: 1458
Date Entered: 2019-09-30
garage doors
Location: Aurora, CO 80012
Telephone: 303-750-4295

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2019-09-30
tumb down

Job description: 4-season sunroom
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged?
Was the charge fair?no
Comment: We hired 4th Dimension Concepts in September 2018 to build a 4-season sunroom addition. It is now more than a year later and the project is not complete. In October 2018, they removed our siding and dismantled all of our exterior electricity including sprinklers. From November 2018 to June 2019, the contractor blew us off, or claimed it was a 'permitting' delay.

4th Dimension Concepts refuses to provide schedules, they only answer emails when they feel like it, and they only answer the questions they feel like answering. They send one person, sometimes, two, to work on the project maybe one or two days at a time for a few hours. Since June of 2019, there are still weeks that go by with no work being done, and no one tells us anything. Sometimes workers show up unannounced. Sometimes work is scheduled, and nobody shows up. They come and go as they please.

In regard to the work quality:

Nearly every aspect of this project has been botched and had to be done over.

The foundation plan was changed three times. The machinery used to excavate for a foundation pour destroyed nearly half of our yard, our sprinkler system, and the alley entrance. After that they decided not to pour a foundation, filled in that hole, and left piles of concrete, dirt and debris piled up in our yard. After may requests for removal, that debris is still there (six months later). (Their workers often leave garbage in the yard. We have to request that it be cleaned up over and over.)

When the sunroom walls were put up, one of them was done backwards and had to be redone. We had to tell the workers on site about this and show them the plans.

These same workers opened the uninstalled PTAC unit and took the back off of it, then left it out in a rainstorm for two days.

They did electrical work in October 2018, then had to rip it all out when they re-did the foundation, and still have not gotten the new electrical work done.

They ripped out all of our exterior electricity in October 2018 including our sprinkler box. For all of 2019 I've had to water both the front and back yard by hand with a hose. Any outdoor electrical use requires a long extension cord to the inside of the house through a door or window.

Our sunroom floor is now elevated about three feet instead of ground level as planned. When they built the two landings to get to the yard, they just set the footers on top of the ground instead of sinking them. When they put skirting on, they split and bent the boards around the post holders instead of shimming them out. We had to tell them about these problems. They admitted all of this work was done incorrectly.

When the door to the sunroom was installed, they had not yet completed the roof overhang. When they started finishing the overhang, they had not left clearance for the exterior door, so it could only open about a foot. We had to alert them to this problem. They came back and sawed off part of the gable to fix the clearance issue, but now the gable is just a bunch of sawed off boards.

When they installed flooring inside the sunroom, they laid it directly on top of the bumpy sub-floor and left it uncovered. We discovered the entire floor was uneven, and had to tell them about it. They said that they KNEW the work had been done incorrectly, and would come back to re-do it. (the ripped the whole floor out and put in padding, then re-installed it).

After nearly a year of this sort of work and endless delays, we were promised an accelerated completion schedule, with work to be scheduled on weekends. That was at the beginning of August. It is now nearly October and we are no closer to the end.

The company recently sent us, after literally months of us asking for it, a very loose sketch of the new electrical work. They sent this to us at 5:45PM on a Monday night, and told us their electrician would be at our house at 7:00AM the next morning. This is how they do business. The electrical sketch was wrong, by the way. And when we sent the electrician away because we didn't have a decent or accurate drawing of the work he was supposed to do, the company blamed us for the delay.

This is a true story.

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